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How to add up tax return

how to add up tax return

Add your client's account to your list of businesses

Most tax preparers complete returns for multiple clients. When using My Account you can have all your clients’ accounts listed under one login ID, allowing you to see all your accounts at once. You can sort your list by account name, registration number, or frequency. This is a simpler and safer option then creating different login IDs and passwords for each client because you only need to remember and safeguard one login ID and password. Also, it is not recommended that you share your login ID with your clients or co-workers.

How to add an account to your list of businesses

If your client has already set up My Account for his business, ask him or her to add you as a user using your login ID and e-mail address. That account will then show up under your login ID with your other clients. When your client adds you as a user, he can choose to give you administrator, preparer or payer status. For more about this, see “The difference between administrator, payer and preparer status” below.

To add a client to your list of businesses, log in to My Account. From the left menu under Manage business account. choose Add a business. You will need the UBI/Tax Registration Number and PAC code for each account you would like to add. You will be an administrator on this account.

How to remove an account from your list of businesses

If you set up the account and are the only administrator on the account, you will need to contact the Department to remove the client from your list. Normally, we ask that you to send us a secure message

or fax or mail us the request in writing. Or, your previous client can call us and, with proper verification, we can remove their account from your client list.

If your client added you as a user, then ask the client to remove you. Your client will need to log in to My Account, go to Manage business account on the left menu, then select Add/edit user permissions and click Remove next to your login ID.

Client access to returns

Often business owners want to review the return before it is submitted to the Department. Also, a client may want access to returns that were previously filed electronically. If this situation applies to you, the easiest thing to do is to add your client as a user to My Account.

Adding your client as a user to My Account

To add your client to My Account, log in to My Account and choose the client’s account from your list of businesses. Next, from the left menu under Manage business account. choose Add/edit user permissions. If your client already has a login ID and password, add that information to the account.

If your client does not have a login ID, you can create one for them by taking the following steps:

  1. Choose their account from your list of businesses.
  2. Select Manage business account from the left menu, and then choose Add/edit user permissions .
  3. Below the Add button is a statement that says, "If the user has never used Online Services and does not have a Logon ID, Click Here." Click on Click Here .
  4. Select the user permission. See below for the difference between administrator, payer, and preparer.

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