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How to apply artificial nail tips

how to apply artificial nail tips

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How to Apply Artificial Nail Tips

Posted by Courtney

Having long, elegant nails that you have grown on your own is by no means an easy task. Nails tend to break, chip or peel, forcing us to chop and file them away before they can reach the length we wish they would grow to.

Thankfully, there are a lot of different options out there for us to have “fake” or false nails applied to extend the length of our nails, such as acrylic nails, gel nails, or even artificial nail tips. You can apply these yourself, or have a professional apply the artificial nail tips to your fingers. A professional will start off by choosing an artificial nail tip that best suits your natural nail shape. The point of the tip should hug the free edge of the nail with the sides equally stretched on each side so that your entire nail is covered. If a nail tip that they select is too small, they will simply move right on along to the next and more appropriate size.

TIP: Don’t be too surprised if the nail technician brings out a file to help fix the sides of the artificial nail tip and your own natural nail to create a more natural fit.

The nail technician will apply a line of nail glue along the edge of your natural nail once the artificial nail tips are selected. Then, to apply the nail tip, the nail technician will hold that nail tip at a 45 degree angle to your natural nail plate and then gently slide the tip into place (which is until it hugs the “top” point

of the tip).

Once the artificial nail tip has been glued to your natural nail, they will then roll the artificial nail top onto your nail plate and hold it down for 5 seconds or so. This helps bond the artificial nail tip to your finger and ensures that no air is getting under the tip and that the bond is well sealed.

Different types of Nail Tips

Before having the artificial nail tips applied to your fingers, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different types of nail tips that are out there. There are acrylic nail tips, gel tips. or wrap tips. Acrylic nail tips are by far the most durable, but they can also look the most “fake” if you do not have a nail technician who knows how to work with acrylic nail tips. The wrap nail tips come in either silk or linen forms, and though they can look natural, it is hard to find a nail technician who knows how to do this type of artificial nail tip correctly. The gel tip is perhaps the most natural in appearance, but as with the wrap nail one’s experience with gel nail tips may be lacking. Do your research and be sure that you find a good nail technician before making your choice.

No matter what different type of nail tip that you choose, your nails will look absolutely stunning once the artificial nail tips are applied. The good news is that you will have longer nails that require far less filling and can last longer than a full on artificial nail. Be sure to choose a trendy, splashy color for you nails to really show them off!

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