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How To Apply For First Time Home Buyer Grants In NC

how to apply for a first time home buyer grant

If you’re a first home buyer you probably know that you could be eligible for government assistance in buying a home, commonly known as first home buyer grants.  The home buyer grants are also available to those who have owned a home before. as long as you meet the maximum income limits, don’t buy a house that’s too expensive and you’ve been renting for at least the last 3 years.

How exactly do they work? And how much do you get?  And do you end up with really high Monthly Payments on a house because of the First Time Home Buyer Grants. (nope.)

How To Apply For First Time Home Buyer Grants

The first thing to understand is that there are several different First Time Home Buyer Grants available in NC.

However, the process for applying for any of these grants is the same. 

You have to contact a qualified Lender (we are definitely on that list with NCHFA, so dial 919 649 5058) and complete a mortgage loan application.  You can do that on this site (see the green button on the right?), or you can call us, or you can come in.  That part doesn’t matter.

Once we have the information from the loan application we are going to look for the following:

  • Do you go over the maximum income limit for the WHOLE STATE of $85,000 for the Applicant.  USDA Home Loans NC have a ceiling, which in some cases is higher, based upon the HOUSEHOLD income.  With the First Time Home Buyer Grant program. we are only looking at the folks who are on the application.  This usually makes it easier to qualify for!
  •   Do you have a minimum credit score of at least 640.  This is based upon the MIDDLE credit score – so if you had 3 scores that looked like 622, 641, 649 you would be golden, because at least 2 of them are over the 640 benchmark.
  • Have you been renting, living with parents, in school for at least the past 36 months.  We’ve made loans to folks who owned a property in Ohio that they moved out of, and have been renting in NC for 3.5 years.  They qualified for the First Time Home Buyer Grants.

After we determine that you meet these basic qualifications for the First Time Home

Buyer Grants. we will determine which mortgage program works best for you, and how much grant you qualify for.

Mortgage Programs Accepted With First Time Home Buyer Grants

The First Time Home Buyer Grants only cover down payment, and closing costs.  You can use the grants for any type of mortgage loan, and each mortgage program has it’s own “quirks” or requirements.  So again, you can use First Time Home Buyer Grants to get a FHA Mortgage, USDA Home Loan, VA Mortgage Loan or a Conventional Loan

  • The Grants can be used in “conjunction” with a Seller paying Closing Costs (for instance) and / or a Gift you might receive
  • The Grants CAN be used for Down Payment
  • The First Time Home Buyer Grants can also be used to pay for closing costs, or to cover Mortgage Insurance, PMI or a VA Funding Fee

What Grants and Programs Does North Carolina Offer?

In North Carolina, there are two different first time home buyer grants available.

One First Time Home Buyer Grant provides you with 3% that can be used for closing costs or a down payment on a Conventional Loan or a FHA Loan.

The Grant can also be used for Closing Costs on a USDA Home Loan or a VA Loan (these programs don’t have any down payment requirements ).

The Conventional Loan Grant Program only requires a 3% down payment, and closing costs can come from a gift, the seller, savings – it’s a very flexible program with extremely low PMI Rates!

The grants are available for homes that you qualify for, meaning, there’s no MAXIMUM sales price for the program.

However, if you are applying for a FHA Loan. with the Grant to cover your down payment, you will be limited to the maximum FHA Loan for the county you are buying a house in.  If you are applying for a USDA Home Loan NC there are some ADDITIONAL income limits based upon the USDA Loan limits in the county you are buying a house in.

Here are the maximum Single Family Home / FHA Loan Limits in 2015 for the more “urban” areas in North Carolina.  In general, if it says “Raleigh,” for instance, it includes the neighboring Towns like Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Apex, Knightdale, Wendell, Johnston County, Cary, and so on.

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