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How to apply for IRS exams? Want complete information about IRS jobs?

how to apply for irs jobs

Re: How to apply for IRS exams? Want complete information about IRS jobs?

Name of Civil Services. IRS (Indian Revenue Service)

Exam Pattern :

Selection is through the Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission through a three-stage combined selection process.

The first stage, the Civil Services Prelims is composed of two objective exams: one of General studies and one of a subject of one's choice amongst a given list of subjects.The candidates can choose to be examined in about forty fields, from Civil Engineering and Medicine to Chinese Literature and Accountancy. This is purely an eliminatory stage and plays no part in the final rankings. About 5000-6000 of the applicants are selected for the next stage called the Civil Services Mains.

The second stage is more

exhaustive. It has nine papers of which two are qualificatory in nature.

One has to choose two optional sujects of once's choice as compared to one in the Preliminary stage. There are two papers of General Studies, Optional 1 and Optional 2 and one Essay paper. Around 1200-1400 aspirants clear Mains and sit for the third stage

Third Stage i.e the Civil Services Interview .Every candidate is asked to choose their preference of services before the interview. Almost all of them choose IAS as their first choice but a few opt for Indian Police Service or the Indian Foreign Service. Indian Revenue Service is usually the fourth choice. The entire selection process lasts fifteen to twenty months. Repeated attempts are allowed (maximum of 4 times).

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