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How to apply for tax id

how to apply for tax id

How to go on and apply for EIN ?

Running a business is not easy for there can be innumerous details a business owner may require to pay heed to. But among all such details one which needs maximum attention is concerned with how to get the EIN or the tax ID number.

In common parlance, better known as the federal tax identification number, this number comes in handy for the IRS to keep a track of the taxes owed by enterprises to the federal government.

At, we believe in order to apply for a Tax ID or an EIN number, clients can take help of various methods like submitting in an EIN application by mail, fax, calling up the toll free number. And yet above and more then everything else also consider the ever so popular option of applying for a tax ID number online.

Alternately you can use the IRS website to apply for a

Tax ID yourself at no charge by filling out the SS-4 form and submit it yourself. But many agree that it is a confusing process and mistakes can be made which will delay or sometimes cause problems in the process

At our Value added service streamlines the process. simplifies the complicted questions and you will usually have your Federal Tax ID number/ Employers Tax ID number in your email usually in less than 60 minutes. if not sooner (during normal business hours of 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. PST) If applying other than these times, you should have your IRS Tax ID emailed to you as soon as 1-2 hours the next business day. Either way. It is much less of a hassle to have us process it for you than doing it alone. We also have live chat help during the application process which really ads value to our service and makes a the process painless and straight forward.

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