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How to apply gel nail tips

how to apply gel nail tips

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Should I Get Gel Nail Tips?

Posted by Courtney

Growing long, lovely, luxurious nails is not an easy task!

As a matter of fact, it is a task that the majority of women are not able to accomplish on their own, and for a number of reasons.

Naturally durable and “growable” nails are dependent on several factors, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Prior nail treatment

The one “doomed” factor in this is, of course, genetics which also happens to be the number one reason why most women cannot grow long nails. Because of this, you may choose to go for gel nail tips.

There are quite a few different nail tips on the market these days, the two most popular being acrylic nail tips and gel nail tips. While acrylic nail tips are the “classic” choice, gel tips offer a far more natural look and feel. Not only that, but gel nail tips are free of that toxic vapor that accompanies both acrylic false nails and acrylic nail tips!

One of the drawbacks to gel nail tips is that you generally cannot do them yourself at home (whereas you could with an acrylic nail tip). You will need to go to a salon to have them done, as most require the use of a UV light (unless you choose no-light gels as opposed to light cured gels, which are far less natural in appearance).

Here’s how gel nail tips are applied:

A gel nail tip is often a creation of a pre-mixed polymer and monomer gel. This gel is applied to the nails directly, and then it is “cured” and shaped to

your natural nails under a UV light. At the salon, you will actually be able to witness the gel nail tips confirm and adhere to your natural nail!

If you choose the no-light gel nails, these are cured to your nails with a gel activator that is usually brushed (though sometimes sprayed) directly onto your nail. The rarest type are cured just by dipping the gel nail tip into water!

Many people wonder why they should choose gel nails over acrylic nails. One will immediately notice the difference in cost, as acrylics can be any where from $5 to $50 cheaper than gel nails. Gel nail tips are more natural in appearance and have that glossy, “always buffed” shine. They can be applied a lot faster than their acrylic counterparts, and as already mentioned gel nail tips are odorless. There is also a lot less filling required during application, which again allows for them to be applied a whole lot faster than acrylic nail tips.

Gel nail tips won’t last as long as acrylics, however, and they are less durable. You generally cannot apply gel nail tips at home (because you will need a UV light in most situations) and the nail polish you apply overtop will have a harder time “sticking” to the glossy gel nail exterior.

You also must consider that a gel nail that breaks is a lot more troublesome than an acrylic. When a gel nail breaks, it tends to “shatter” rather than simply snap off, which means that you fixing the break is nearly impossible. You will need to contact your nail technician to repair the nail or put a new one on in its place, which will require a consider amount of filing.

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