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How to Apply Nail Polish – Tips & Tricks

how to apply tips to nails

Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Apply Nail Polish

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I use a similar technique starting the first blob about halfway down my nail. It really helps to minimize pooling around the cuticle. With this method, I also rarely need to do clean up with just little stray bits here and there usually on my left hand as I am left-handed.

I have very high arches on the sides of my nails so I tend to begin spreading out the polish on the steepest side of my nails and working sideways to the opposite side.

I always apply a thinner first coat with a somewhat heavier second coat to follow. I find thinner coats adhere far better than thicker coats. Sometimes I would rather do 3 thin coats because it gives a more consistent manicure.

I try to keep my

brush as perpendicular to my nails as possible, gliding the nail polish on as opposed to brushing it on. This helps to avoid streaks and brush strokes, but some polishes are difficult regardless (Zoya Neely yesterday drove me quite bonkers)

I try to let each coat dry thoroughly before beginning the next. I find it improves my application and avoids getting that really thick nail polish thingee happening.

Fast dry top coat is a must. I now prefer CND Super Shiny over Seche Vite which has a tendency to seriously dry out my nails and it also shrinks.

I do not keep a manicure on my nails longer than a couple of days. If I do, I start picking and that can contribute to nail bed damage so I take it off before the temptation gets the better of me. I usually rest my nails between manicures.

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