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NAILS: How To Apply Wrap Over Tips

how to apply white tips

This VideoJug episode teaches in this short 4-minute video, how to apply silk or fiberglass tips to your nails in a easy to follow step-by-step process.

Hello, my name is Laura Bliss. I've been a nail technician now for the past twelve years. I am currently teaching at the London College of Beauty Therapy.

I'm going to teach you how to do fiberglass over-tips. Okay, so silk and fiberglass are literally exactly the same, the only difference is the thickness. This is fiberglass, and this is silk.

The silk is just slightly thicker. So, I'm going to show you silk today. First of all, measure up your silk, so to see how much to cut off.

I just cut the silk, okay, and then just cut out a cuticle shape. Place it over the nail to make sure it fits, first of all. Place it onto the nail leaving a flea margin at the cuticle, then using the back end, just smooth it down.

Obviously if the hide raises, you want to touch it as least as possible with your own nail/finger. Cut off the excess. Okay, I'm just going to place this over the stress area, because it's where it's most likely to break.

And then just cut it to fit. Okay, so that's the silk or fiberglass applied. We're going to coat it with resin.

So starting in the middle, careful it doesn't come out too fast, place onto the nail and then spread it across the nail with the tip of the nozzle. Once you've put the resin on, then you need to activate it to make it dry. So, holding it a fair distance away from the nail, and then just spray it with the resin activator once.

We then put on two more coats of resin and repeat the activating process. Fiberglass and silk needs hardly any filing at all because it is so thin. So file it into shape, and the file around the cuticle area, with your extension file.

Just to blend in the end of the fiberglass or the silk. And then just lightly buff over with your white block, to remove the scratches and just make it nice and smooth. You want to use your extension file over the cuticle area and then use your white block over your whole nail.

Just put some oil on, and then buff it to high shine. Okay, and that is fiberglass or silk over tips.

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