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can i avoid company car tax?

how to avoid company car tax

I am provided with a car, i do 25-30k per annum. This is all business miles (all logged) only with no private mileage. I do not have any Benefit from having the vehicle. On the contrary I have to run a proper car as my own. With a normal company car i wouldn't need a second car for private mileage, so the imposition of company car tax would be a second hit on my finances. I'd be paying the taxman for the priviledge of having a car on the driveway, when i'm not working.

the car has company stickers all over it, including the rear side windows, and a promotional 'box' on the roof!!

I travel throughout the North - from Hull and Huddersfield in the south and Glasgow and Edinburgh in the north. I am sometimes asked to work outside this area.

I am

a recruitment consultant and visit all the major towns and cities throughout this area, so the travelling i do is clearly not commuting. I also use a room in my home as an office (i need to use this office daily after 'work' for reports, communicating with Head Office etc. and occassionally when i don't have interviews booked).

I've looked at the inland revenue website in chapeters 11 & 12 which relate to company car tax and the criteria appear to be :

availability for private use / not normal commuting.

Do you feel this situation will allow me to avoid company car tax liability - or can you advise who i might contact in this regard? I appreciate i can contact the IR, but feel that, initially at least, they will not receive a request to avoid tax cheerily!!

Many thanks in anticipation

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