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How to be a good girlfriend tips

how to be a good girlfriend tips

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Relationships aren't about finding how to be right for a person. they're about finding out who's right for you. So a key going in is to know what you're ok and not ok with.

2 key indicators that your relationship might be a winner:

  • you have mutual grace for each-others weakness
NOBODY's perfect, and your weaknesses will tick some people off and evoke grace in others. Same goes for you with the weaknesses in others. Find the one who will joyfully walk with you through a lifetime of learning in areas where you're weak. Find the one who's weaknesses evoke grace in you - one you can walk with for 20 years, knowing that change will be slow.
  • you meet each others most important needs and values

    Everybody values different things, some are negotiable, some area dealbreakers. It's up to you to know what your values are. If you are a person who needs a man who's there, who puts you first, who values "together", then don't settle for a man who isn't that or isn't willing to

    be that cause it's an easy price to pay in order to love you. There are millions of men who value a work life that promotes a relationship-first, family-first lifestyle. If it's one of your values, don't settle for less.

  • If you're still in the dating season and things aren't going smooth as butter, there's a major indicator that this thing likely doesn't have what it takes for a successful lifelong-love.

    As an example, my wife, before meeting me, got so tired of dating men who didn't line up with what she actually wanted that she made a list. All in all, it was about 30 items long, some very specific. It was what she knew in her heart she needed from a relationship. She gave the list to God and said that she knew that was what He wanted for her.

    Needless to say, through a series of extraordinary events, we met each other and I am everything on her list. hysterically so. creepily so. I mean e-harmony couldn't have done better.

    So be confident and know what is and isn't for you.

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