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How to be a night auditor

how to be a night auditor


If you're suited to working nights, it can get addictive. It does cut into your social life.

There's very little traffic driving to and from work.

If you pulled some all-nighters in college, you have a feel of what it's like. Nobody bothers you while you work, but you are kind of out of phase with civilians.

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I'm not sure the person offerring you this job is necessarily someone I would trust to have your best interest at heart. All night-time jobs are hard to fill. All night-tme jobs carry some sort of incentive pay or other features to encourage people to take them. Working at night is not "normal". Our bodies have been trained to sleep at night and there are physiological changes that take place in our bodies at night that help them to sleep. There is a LOT of turnover in night-time jobs because most people have a hard time adjusting to such an unnatural schedule. It can be very stressful. The people who work night-time jobs on a prolonged basis usually are highly motivated by some incentive from the job (pay, benefits or perks) or in their personal life (be home with children during the day).

As far as your concern about how the professional world or a major company would view this position, I'm afraid to say I think the time to get your foot in the door for such positions may have already come and gone. Most major corporations fill their entry-level professional positions from candidates fresh out

of college. Even one year after completing your degree you would be very fortunate to even get an interview for an entry-level position with a major corporation.

I think the best advantage you could make of taking this night auditor position is to use it as a springboard for a career in hotel management. If this resort is not already affiliated with a major hotel chain, I would check with such a chain first to see what opportunities they may already have that you could apply for. If you have no interest in hotel management as a career, the only remaining benefit to you that I see in taking this night-auditor job is that it will allow you complete freedom to seek and interview for a more suitable job during the day.

I will say your dreams of working for a major corporation are not totally gone. But, you are most likely going to have to start lower than an entry-level professional position and prove your worth. You can do it. But, you really have to want it and be willing to work hard and long to get it. You may also want to think about going back to school to get a masters degree. Upon completing a masters degree you will have a fresh opportunity to interview with major corporations for even better starting positions than what is typically offered to candidates with only a bachelor's degree.

Good luck.

Source(s): I took an unconventional route to a 30 year career with a major corporate career and achieved success.

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