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How to be a spy tips

how to be a spy tips

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Gather Your Spy Kit

If you are going to become a spy kid, you will need to have a spy kit ready. You may choose to buy one already assembled, but chances are you have what you need around the house. You will need something to use as a disguise, such as a funny hat and glasses. A book may come in handy, as you can pretend to be reading it as you are spying on other people. All good spies need a flashlight and binoculars. Be sure to get a paper cup that you can use against doors when you are trying to listen in on top secret conversations. As always, make sure you have permission from your parents to use everything in your spy kit.

Practice Your Skills

Before you can begin cracking cases as a spy kid, you will need to hone your spying skills. Practice listening in

on conversations by pretending to be busy reading your book. Get used to wearing your disguise, talking in a different accent, and using your top secret spy name. Try hiding in corners, behind trees or under your bed so you remain unseen as you conduct your sleuthing.

Find Cases to Solve and Get to Work

Once you have your spy kit and skills in order, you are ready to get to work as a spy kid. Ask your parents or friends for ideas on cases to solve. Use a notebook to take notes and grab your spy kit. With all the practice you have had, it should be a cinch to disguise yourself and gather the information you need to crack the case so the good guys can come out on top. Don't forget to enlist the help of your spy friends for big cases that you don't want to handle on your own. Good work, Sherlock!

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