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How To Be Funny With Women: The Proven Funny Formula That Makes Women Laugh Uncontrollably

By Richard La Ruina on November 16, 2012 Comments: 4

Russell Brand in full improve mode…

Laughter is the best medicine… laughter is the key to a woman’s panties and laughter can make people drawn to you.

So is it so hard to make women laugh?

I’m sure you’ve got a friend or know a friend of a friend who is funny… so funny that he gets invited out more than you, gets more attention from women than you and gets… well laid more than you.

But what does he do that’s so much more appealing to women?

Well he offers them something that a lot of men can’t.

He makes them laugh LIKE CRAZY.

It’s something that scientists call an evolutionary anomaly because it’s not needed for survival and is unique to humans.

Yet it’s something that once mastered can:

  • Make women feel they can trust you more
  • Put dozens of women in your bed… night after night
  • Draw people towards you and want to hang around you
  • Build rapid amounts of rapport without any thought behind it
  • Make everyone around you feel positive, upbeat and happy

Marilyn Monroe once famously said…

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”

Now it’s obvious that she was talking about sex. You can actually turn women on so much that they want to sleep with you… just by making them laugh. Nuts right?

So that’s what I want to focus on today, a few proven (but killer) tips for making women laugh uncontrollably, to the point where they just want to bang your brains out.

IMPORTANT: Before I get into the basic funny formula I want to let you know about a program that I came across which is blowing up right now and helping guys become WAYYY funnier like overnight. It’s called High Status Humor and breaks down how humour works and how ANY guy can be funny.

How to be funny with women… the proven funny formula

Before we get into the good stuff, I just want you to know that “being funny” isn’t something you’re born with. It can be learned by ANYONE, you just need to practice.

Use Improvised comedy

Being able to improvise comedy allows you to pretty much talk about anything for as long as you want to.

There are no closed or open ended questions, no waiting for the other person to speak, it’s all about you controlling the conversation with a random bunch of words.

1. Be in the moment – Never think too much about what to say next, just use your surroundings to pick out things to talk about and run with it. If you overthink, then you’ll strip the humour out completely.

For example if you’re with a girl drinking tea, you could say “My dad was Mr Darjeeling, he’s made tea for the queen, he used to whip me with tea bags if I didn’t make his tea properly, really odd man.”

2. Let yourself fail… a lot – Failing as you know if inevitable, so when you start talking about something that isn’t funny and the girl isn’t laughing. Just stop yourself and start a new topic, you’ll get better over time so it’s not a problem.

3. Listen to what she’s saying – Don’t just ramble on about anything, you need to listen to what she’s saying so you can use “hooks” during the conversation and reference points which show you listened and keep your jokes relevant to her.

For example. a few weeks back I met a girl in a club who told me that she was an air traffic controller and helped planes land at her aiport.

Now most guys would

say something lame like “Oh cool, I bet that’s an interesting job. do you enjoy it?”

Here’s what I said:

  • ME: No way! That’s crazy, I’m an air traffic controller too.
  • GIRL: Really? Where do you work?
  • ME: At home, I’m a freelancer…
  • GIRL: Huh? What do you mean a freelancer?
  • ME: Look I’ll show you (I opened up a game on my iPhone which was called Flight Control and started landing airplanes at the airport in front of her). Then I said, look I’m amazing… 3,000 points.
  • GIRL: She had a bemused look on her face for a split second and then burst out laughing.

From that point on, she was hooked and I ended up getting her number and meeting up with her another night.

4. Be open to saying “yes” – Improv is another form of spontaneity so you have to be open to say yes more than you say no. Not only will it offer you more opportunities in life it will also give you more reference points for jokes with friends and girls.

5. Practice and exercises daily – Make it a habit to use improv exercises (like the one below) to strengthen your improv muscles and allow you to think in a different “funnier” way than you did before.

A good thing to do is to learn from the best and watch people like Russell Brand who is a true genius at improv, this is the best way to pick up tips and get yourself into the right mindset before heading out.

A quick exercise for improving your improv skills

There are tons of improv exercises out there, which will make you an outstanding improviser, but I’m just going to show you one… this was my favourite when I started learning this stuff because it helped me get into a rhythm very quickly.

It’s called “word play” and involved two people, so grab a buddy for this one.

  • Step 1: Ask your friend to think of a random word that will kick off a story.
  • Step 2: When you’re friend says a word you, then think of a word that would continue the story and make it more funny and interesting.
  • Step 3: Your friend will do the same and you both keep going back and forth for 2 minutes.
  • Step 4: After 2 minutes is up, start a new story and challenge yourself with harder words and topics.

This can be REALLY funny with a group of you and the exercise is great for help you to think of words faster.

What not to do

  • Never talk about boring topics that could ruin the attraction you’ve built through comedy. Things like politics, religion, illness… etc.
  • Tease her too much – Cocky funny works with women, we all know that… but you can also tease her far too much which will lead to her being angry and not finding your jokes funny anymore. Try and find the right balance.
  • Be funny all the time – You need to mix things up a bit and let her know that you’re not just a clown, you can also be serious. Otherwise she’ll call you only when it suits her, so you can make her laugh.

So that’s how to be funny with women. It’s quite hard at first, so just be sure to practice daily and you’ll be making women laugh in no time.

Want to learn how to be Russell Brand funny so you can get laid like a rock star? Then check this video out .

It took me several months before I started getting funnier, just takes persistence. But trust me… it pays off!

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