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How to become a tax consultant

how to become a tax consultant

Things You'll Need

Bachelor's degree in finance or accounting

Prepare to Become a Personal Tax Advisor

Polish the special skills required to become a successful tax advisor, including accurate number-crunching ability, a penchant for calculating taxes, proficiency with tax software and forms, an entrepreneur's gift for drumming up business and high standards of personal integrity.

Build a strong academic background. This is critical both for your work and for the credentials crucial either to getting a job or to building your customer base as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, economics or a related field and select courses in taxes, risk management and financial and estate planning.

Become a Personal Tax Advisor

Find personal tax advisor jobs by contacting securities

and investment services firms, banks and insurance companies, if you wish to become a personal tax advisor within a larger company.

Establish a joint practice with other personal tax advisors, accounts, tax preparers and insurance brokers in order to maximize client traffic.

Cast a wide enough net to succeed if you intend to go into business for yourself. There is a seasonal quality to much tax business. You can widen your appeal to clients if you offer other services such as business tax preparation, college expense planning, investment planning, life insurance sales and annuity products.

Make a strong business plan to market your business and attract clients, including use of free or inexpensive online marketing innovations such as Google Adwords and sites such as craigslist (see Resources below).

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