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How to Become Tax Attorney / Education

how to become tax attorney

A tax attorney needs to complete a four-year bachelor degree program; it can be of any discipline, but if it is bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Accounting, then it will give extensive knowledge on how to keep accounting records, analyze financial data and communication with the finance team.

Upon completing bachelor degree, Master of law in taxation (LL.M) degree, which takes a minimum of three years, is the Core Education Needed for Becoming Law Attorney. There are areas of specializations during LL.M are estate planning, general business taxation, financial services and international taxation. Tax Attorney. Tax Lawyer. Tax Resolution Professional is an independent tax law firm. TRP is NOT a referral service. All submissions are 100% CONFIDENTIAL.

To become a tax attorney, the first professional degree which is given to law school gradates is Juris Doctor or often referred to as an attorney at law. Tax attorney should have very good communication skills; either they are spoken or written, aptitude for analysis, logical thinking, and research.

Final step is licensing for it; attorney has already passed bar examination, have college degree, and graduate from a law school. Law school must be accredited by the American bar association. After passing exam from bar council, which is administered by National Conference of Bar examiners, license is given to an attorney for practice within the specific state. Passing scores bar exam is generally between 75-80% under American board of certification (ABC).

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