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Chartered Tax Professional (CTP®) Certificate Program

Build Your Tax Career as a CTP®. Learn Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation.

  • If you’re a Tax Professional or want to become one, you will want to continue your continuing education.
  • Put your time & efforts to good use & work towards becoming a CTP® & an EA!

A Chartered Tax Professional (CTP®) is someone who has completed a series of 5 federal tax courses in individual and small business income tax preparation. This nationally recognized certificate program enables students to start working and earning money as a tax preparer while completing coursework toward the CTP® credential! With the talk of more requirements for tax preparers, many preparers have decided to work towards becoming an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA), the most distinguished credential in the tax industry. The CTP® is the perfect career path for the EA! Follow Tenisha Gadson. a CTP® student, as she blogs her way through the certificate program.

Why work towards becoming an Enrolled Agent?

  • Enrolled Agents hold the highest designation in the tax industry
  • Enrolled Agents have earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service
  • Enrolled Agents are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS offices they can represent clients before
  • Enrolled Agents make more MONEY because of the knowledge they have and because they can earn additional money representing taxpayers before the IRS
  • Should the RTRP exam be reinstated, Enrolled Agents will be exempt from the testing requirement

After successfully completing your first course (most finish in just 10 weeks or less), you will be qualified to prepare individual tax returns for almost all U.S. taxpayers!

Get Started TODAY!!

  • Officially enroll in the program & SAVE 10% on each tax course after the Comprehensive Course,
  • Prepay for the CTP® package and SAVE more than $700! Plus, get hard copy student manuals, and a bonus career or business package!,
  • Or, consider our CTP® installment payment plan option

You can start practicing as a tax preparer while you continue the 4 remaining tax courses in our tax school (Advanced I & II, and Small Business I & II). As a CTP®, you will be able to handle more involved individual tax situations as well as tax returns for small business corporations, partnerships and more complex sole proprietorships. This opens up new, more lucrative markets for you. Becoming a Chartered Tax Professional (CTP®) can significantly enhance your salary and your advancement potential as a tax professional, and can be completed in just 18 months!

If you’re committed to becoming a tax professional, you should definitely consider the CTP® program. Put your continuing education toward a certificate that prepares you for the highest designation in the tax industry, the Enrolled Agent (EA)! As a CTP®, you will have the tax knowledge and experience to prepare for the IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) exam, if you wish to add the desirable EA credential to your professional designation as a CTP®. Upon completion of the CTP program, you can take an EA exam review and then sit for the EA exam.

If you are a CPA, CFP, attorney, or if you hold some other professional license, you may be able to satisfy some or all of your continuing education requirements through your coursework in the CTP® program. Tax knowledge is valuable to many professionals because financial decisions usually involve tax consequences for their clients. Providing tax preparation services is also a

great way to diversify and recruit new financial services clients.

Learn about how to become a Chartered Tax Professional

Already Have Some Tax Knowledge?

If you’ve already taken an income tax course or two from us you can still register for the CTP® certificate program and we will submit your completed courses into the program. Or, if you already have some tax knowledge under your belt from another source, you can still register for the CTP® program and you may test out of the Comprehensive Tax Course only and move on to the Advanced and Small Business courses. The cost to test out of the Comprehensive Tax Course is $100. Please contact us by calling us at 1.800.984.1040 or by emailing us .

Benefits of the CTP®

Improve your career…

Become a Chartered Tax Professional.

Your pathway to becoming an Enrolled Agent!

Your increased knowledge will enable you to prepare more complicated tax returns
  • You can increase your revenue by charging higher fees for more complex tax returns
  • You will acquire the knowledge necessary to prepare for the EA exam and more
  • Your image will be enhanced by becoming a Chartered Tax Professional
  • If you’re a Tax Business Owner, you’ll have a competitive advantage in your market by having Chartered Tax Professionals on staff!
  • Once You’ve Earned Your Chartered Tax Certification, You Can Add it to Your LinkedIn Profile! Learn more
  • The best thing about being a tax professional may be that you have the opportunity to really help people deal with the intimidating and stressful chore of preparing their taxes. Your clients trust you with their personal and financial information and you have an obligation to maintain complete trust and confidentiality.

    Being a successful tax professional is less about numbers and more about people skills. It is very rewarding to help people who place their complete confidence in you and come back year-after-year because they trust you and respect your knowledge.

    Tax preparation can be combined with various other professions and services such as small business accounting, insurance, paralegal, real estate and financial services to provide year-round employment or self-employment. Income tax crosses many professional disciplines.

    You will save money on your own taxes and the cost of tax preparation fees. The average U.S. taxpayer pays about one-third of his or her income in income taxes. Knowing how to minimize your personal tax bill can save you many times the cost of the CTP® program.

    Objectives of the CTP®

    Upon successful completion of the Chartered Tax Professional certificate program in our tax school, you will be able to:

    • Practice as a qualified tax professional
    • Prepare tax returns for all individual U.S. taxpayers
    • Prepare small businesses corporate, partnership & sole-proprietor tax returns
    • Conduct a professional tax preparation client interview
    • Provide tax planning for individuals and small business owners
    • Meet the IRS e-file and due diligence requirements for tax practitioners
    • Understand the ethical responsibilities of tax professionals
    • Save money on your personal taxes and preparation fees
    • Prepare for the IRS enrolled agent (EA) examination

    Learn about how to become a Chartered Tax Professional

    Get Started TODAY!!

    • Officially enroll in the program & SAVE 10% on each tax course after the Comprehensive Course,
    • Prepay for the CTP® package and SAVE more than $700! Plus, get hard copy student manuals, and a bonus career or business package!,
    • Or, consider our CTP® installment payment plan option

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