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How to bleach tips of hair

how to bleach tips of hair

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Q. How do I Dip Dye my hair with Splat?

Section off the hair you want to dip dye. Use a rubber band to isolate the ends. Bleach the ends of your hair, following all of the bleach directions from Splat. Then apply Splat color to bleached ends after the hair is washed and dried completely. Use 1 color or several color to the strands of choice. Follow the all of the Splat coloring directions.

Q. What is a good way to prevent the color from getting on my skin and staining it?

A. Apply vaseline or conditioner around the hairline, forehead, and on the ears. Wear protective gloves.

Q. Do you have to bleach your hair before using Splat?

A. No. Bleaching hair will provide deep vibrant colors that will last much longer. Non-bleached hair will have a very subtle hint of color and will fade very quickly.

Q. If I don't use the bleach and just use the color, can I expect the color to last as long?

A. No, the color will be subtle and will wash off fairly quickly.

Q. How can I prevent the color from bleeding onto my clothes, skin, and bed sheets?

A. Use a hair dresser's cape or towel to protect clothing and counter tops. Use Vaseline on forehead and ears to protect from staining. Make sure hair is completely dry before going to bed.

Q. I got some of the dye on my skin and it won't come off. What should I do?

A. Washing with baking soda will remove the dye. It is faster than soap, less harmful than rubbing alcohol and it only takes one or two scrubbings.

The more the color is exposed to water, the quicker it will come off. You may also try rubbing alcohol.

Q. I accidentally got some of the dye on my counter top. What should I do?

A. Washing with baking soda may help remove the dye or use a solvent such as rubbing alcohol to remove stains. Mix alcohol with shampoo and let the mixture remain on the area for at least 5-10 minutes, then scrub the area after 10 minutes. If stain is not completely gone, repeat process. Nail Polish Remover may clean Splat off counter tops.

Q. Why should I avoid getting the bleach on my scalp?

A. Bleach is irritating to skin and the scalp is a very sensitive area.

Q. Does it matter how light I bleach my hair?

A. The lighter the blonde you achieve the brighter the Splat Color will be, if your hair is a darker blonde after the bleach process the Splat Color will look a bit darker.

Q: Does chlorine effect Splat color?

A: Chlorine will not effect Splat color. However, the water will cause Splat color to fade at quicker rate.

Q. If I have longer hair, will one box be enough to cover all of my hair?

A. Most likely, yes. However, you may need more bleaching material.

Q. Do I use both the bleach and peroxide?

A. For vibrant, long-lasting color, yes

A. If your hair is in good condition you can use Splat hair color.

Q. Do I wash the bleach/peroxide out before coloring with Splat?

A. Yes, after bleaching wash hair well and dry before applying Splat Color.

Q. Will I need more than one box of Splat if I have long hair?

A. Yes, if your you have longer thicker hair, you may need 2 boxes of Splat.

Q. What makes Splat so different than the other competitors' wild hair colors?

A. Splat colors last much longer and are very vibrant. We are the only color on the market that lasts 6 weeks or longer.

Q. I'm only streaking my hair with the Splat color, so what should I do to avoid the color from getting on other parts of my hair?

A. Apply Splat with foils or cling wrap and after the hair is coated with Splat color, seal it and go onto the next section of hair to be streaked.

Q. I just want the tips of my hair colored. Do you have any recommendations on how to color just his tips?

A. We recommend tying the off the tips of his hair with hair ties. Then bleach the tips. Wash off bleach. Dry hair and then apply the color.

Q. I want to have a lighter color pink then Pink Fetish - how can I make the color more pastel?

Splat color can be diluted with a white conditioner. The more conditioner added the lighter the color will be. Please keep in mind that

Splat colors performance is reliant on the correct pH. Although using a conditioner to dilute the color is possible, the color will not be as vibrant nor last as long. Splat colors can also be mixed with each other - so you can mix Pink Fetish with Lusty Lavender to get your own unique shade!

Q. I got some of the dye on my carpet, so what should I do?

A. Unfortunately, there is not much that will remove the stain from fabrics. You can try a mixture of shampoo and rubbing alcohol and let the mixture remain on for 10 minutes prior to scrubbing the area. Test the mixture on an inconspicuous area prior to applying mixture to carpet.

Q. Why does the bleach feel warm on my scalp? Is this safe or does it mean my hair is falling out?

A. No, your scalp is a very sensitive area and bleaching agents are irritants. If you feel severe burning wash off material immediately and consult a doctor.

Q. Why should I wear a shower cap over my processing hair and apply low heat on it?

A. The shower cap keeps in body and allows for better penetration of color. Also, the cap keeps the body heat even from root through end.

Q. Are these colors more damaging than regular hair dye?

A. No, however, the bleaching process can be damaging.

Q. What color will my hair be after the Splat has been in for 6 weeks?

A. Splat colors may not completely wash out of the hair after 6 weeks. We have many customers notify us that their color has been in for many months and they are happy to have a color last that long. Once Splat has completely faded from hair you will be left with the bleached color you had before applying the Splat color. A slight tint from the color can also be left on the hair.

Q. How do I go back to my normal color after using Splat?

A. You will have to re-color with a color similar to your natural color. Use a color filler and do not process for longer than 5 minutes on your previously processed hair.

Q. What can I do to make the color last longer and stay more vibrant?

A. The less you wash it the longer the color will last. Stay away from swimming. Make sure your hair bleached up to the pale blonde stage and is completely dry before applying the Splat color.

Q. Is it safe to use on my 8 year old daughter's head?

A. Yes, be careful not to get bleaching agents on the scalp.

Q. I like to keep my hair wild colors all the time. Why can't I find wild colors in a permanent dye?

A. Permanent dyes are not as vibrant as direct dyes, so companies don't make them this way.

Q. If I have light gray hair - do I need to bleach or can I just apply the splat color?

You can use Splat without the need to bleach prior if your hair is light light gray Splat should show. The color will always be more vibrant and longer lasting on prebleached hair but I think it will still turn out well for you. The only way to truly know the outcome is to do a strand test on a small section of hair prior to doing the full procerss.

Q. Can I use Splat if I'm pregnant?

A. Always consult with your doctor when applying any chemical to your hair.

Q. Why won't Color Oops work on Splat?

A. Splat uses direct dyes. Color Oops can not remove direct dyes.

Q. I just put in the color and realized it's not for me. Is there any way to get it out immediately?

A. The only way is to bleach the color out.

Q. Is this product safe to use on my dog's hair?

A. Splat has only been tested for human use. We can not say whether it can safely be used on any animal.

Q. Will Color Oops or Satin Color Reverse remove Splat Hair Color from my hair?

A. NO, Color Oops and Satin Color Reverse will not work on direct dyes like Splat Hair Color.

Q. Do Splat hair dyes contain metallic salts.

No, Splat hair color does not contain metallic salts.

Q. What can be used to help remove stains?

Cusomter feedback: "I found that if I ever get splat on my floor or counter Mr. Clean Magic erasers. (Not for use on skin.)

Jet Black can be permanent if processed for 30 minutes. If processed for 15 minutes Jet Black is semi permanent

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