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Build Your Tax Business

Learn the business secrets that national tax firms use to fuel growth.

You can compete successfully with the big guys—with no franchise fees or other charges!

Yes, small tax preparation firms really can prosper. You have the advantage of flexibility and agility. Unlike national firms, you can turn on a dime when you have to. But you have to know what to do and when to do it. What works and what doesn’t.

Best practices are the key. The national tax firms developed and tested systems that produce consistent and reliable growth. Now you can apply the same strategies to build your business.

Tax business insider, Chuck McCabe, shows you how. In our manuals, webinars and online courses, Chuck reveals the best practices he used to start and operate hundreds of tax offices when he was an executive with H&R Block. He shows you how to succeed using the same proven methods. You learn how to

  • Avoid costly mistakes and market effectively on a limited budget, including tested internet strategies .
  • Establish and maintain forward momentum by operating your business systematically. like the national firms.
  • Recruit, train and keep the right people –your most valuable asset.
  • Select the best location for a new office; negotiate a lease, and more.

You also learn emerging best tax business practices that Chuck is developing for Peoples Tax, the tax preparation business he started in 1987. He’s down in the trenches learning and sharing what’s working for his company as the economy changes and the workforce shifts. (Chuck is also founder and CEO of The Income Tax School.)

Chuck knows the tax business from the inside out. He gives you reliable, clear guidance on all aspects of establishing, running and expanding your tax preparation business.

Now’s the time to start making the changes that can create a more profitable tax season this year, and every year. Order your manuals and webinars today!

Use these insider tools to start—and build—your own tax business

“I purchased the whole set of practice management books and Chuck’s interviews on tape and they are absolutely excellent. They gave me many ideas and guidance in starting my tax practice, and expanding it into a very successful part time practice.”

Brian Murphy

ITS Customer

Tax Practice Manuals, Tax Practice Webinars, and Internet Marketing

Expert insider guidance shows you what to do, and what to watch out for

as you build your tax business

Learn how to market your tax business effectively on a limited budget. This guide provides insight into traditional marketing and advertising concepts, plus state-of-the-art internet marketing principles. You get strategies and tactics to keep your current clients and attract new clients for steady business growth. (Find out more about our Tax Business Marketing Manual )

Successful tax businesses require much more than just knowing how to prepare tax returns. This comprehensive Policies & Procedures Manual spells out proven best practices to operate a tax office systematically like the national tax firms.

The Manual is a training tool and a reference to ensure that all your tax preparers and other employees understand your company’s philosophy and adhere to your established business practices for consistency in operations.

You get a hard copy of the manual as well as a CD in MS Word to allow you to customize the Manual to your tax business. (Find out more about our Tax Business Operations Manual )

Tax Business Personnel Manual:

Your most valuable business asset is your people! You can only grow your tax business beyond your own capability be recruiting, hiring and training good people. If you’re in business with two or more employees, then this manual is for you.

Employees are the key to your success. This guide provides advice on

  • recruiting and screening good people.
  • hiring and complying with employment laws.
  • training your employees.

You also get a CD in MS Word that you can customize to your business and your state and local labor laws. (Find out more about our Tax Office Personnel Manual )

Use this when you’re getting ready to locate your first storefront tax office or expand into more offices and locations. Chuck McCabe, a 40+year veteran executive of a national tax firm, shares his insights and provides you with a methodical, clear plan for

  • tax office site selection.
  • lease negotiation.
  • alternatives to expand your tax business geographically.

Chuck has started and operated hundreds of tax offices. This valuable guide helps you make the best decisions and avoid costly mistakes. (Find out more about our Tax Office Expansion Manual )

Comprehensive Tax Practice Management Manuals- Order Now

Learn how to reposition your tax business for the next decade of growth and profits: watch Chuck’s Strategic Planning Retreat webinars

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