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How to Choose an Airsoft Gun

How to Choose an Airsoft Gun

1. How Much to Spend

The first thing you want to do, is figure out just how much money you want to spend on your airsoft gun. It’s best to wait and save up more and buy a great gun, versus being impatient and buying a gun that will break. In the long run, you will end up spending more money on cheap guns, when you could have just bought a nice one to start with. So keep that in mind.

2. The Big Three: AEG, Gas, Spring

There are three types of airsoft guns.


Airsoft Electric Guns are battery powered, and come in almost any model of gun except shotguns. They are one of the most used airsoft guns due to not having to buy gas, and having semi-auto and full-auto fire selection.


Gas powered airsoft guns are popular in shotguns, pistols, and bolt-action sniper rifles. Typically having more FPS, and realism with the blowback accessory. They are usually more costly than AEGs, but are realistic and have more power.


Spring guns are the cheapest guns you will find, not having to be powered by a battery or any type of gas. However, there are no full-auto spring guns, so most of the guns are shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols.

3. What Style of Airsoft Gun to Get?

There are typically six styles of guns that fall into the categories listed above. So now we are going to figure out what style of gun you want. These styles include:

Each style of gun has hundreds of different models, but once you know what style of gun you want, it’s easier to choose what model you like. Basically, each style of gun has different purposes.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are probably the most common and popular model of airsoft gun. They range from AK-47s to M4-A1s. They are mediocre in all scenarios.  They can be good for long range shooting, and close quarters fire fights. Practically all airsoft assault rifles have the semi-auto and full-auto fire selection, making them an essential weapon on the battle field. The most popular assault rifles are:

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are used for just what the name implies, sniping. If you’re looking to be an airsoft sniper. you are going to want a high powered sniper rifle,

so be sure to check the FPS and accuracy before purchasing your gun. Some recommended sniper rifles are:

Tip: Be sure to get a side arm pistol. It’s easier to take out a pistol if flanked than whipping a large rifle around.


Shotguns are a great weapon if you want to clear a room, or are not the aiming type. They come single chambered: one BB per shot. Triple chambered: three BBs per shot. Or multiple shot, meaning they shoot any ware between 5-20 BBs per shot, depending on the model you get.

Light Machine Guns

The light machine gun is a heavy weapon; meant for support gunners and base defense. With their box or drum magazines, they can hold form 1000- 8000 BBs. If you want an intimidating weapon, and have the strength to carry it, this one is for you. Several models of S.M.G.s are:

Sub Machine Guns

Sub machine guns are small full-auto guns, mostly used for spec-ops and maneuverability. They are not very accurate, but can serve as a side arm or a primary weapon. They have a high rate of fire, and are an essential weapon for any CQB (Close Quarters Battle) scenario. There are many models of SMGs, but here is a list of the most popular:


Pistols are seldom used as a primary weapon. They more often serve as a side arm. Being small and easily handled, they can be used close quarters, and offer protection when reloading.

Tip: When choosing a pistol, gas pistols are the better way to go.

The most used pistols are:

4. Brands & Websites

Now something that your probably wondering is what brand to get, and where to shop. Well, there are really good brands, and there are the brands that are more on the cheap side. The top ten brands are as listed:

Tip: Honestly when you buy something from Eco 1, Tokyo Marui, and Classic Army, about 20% of the cost is just for the name. So keep that in mind.

And finally, there are tons of websites out there to shop from. But here is a list of (in my opinion) the best, that have only provided great service.

Article written by Chandler P. Haag. AKA LT, Chan.

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