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how to buy airsoft guns is your source for airsoft guns and other air gun accessories. including goggles and more. You can easily buy and sell airsoft guns in our auction listings. Plus, find all sorts of airsoft guns for sale including air rifles. air pistols and other paintball guns. And we have a full selection of airsoft supplies, parts and more. Take a moment to read up on the equipment and history of airsoft before you start the search for your new airsoft gun. If you can't find the airsoft guns for sale you are looking for, check back often because more airsoft guns are being added daily!

Airsoft History

Airsoft originated in Japan, eventually spreading to other parts of Asia and then to the UK and US. Airsoft guns have always been designed to closely resemble real firearms but fire only pellets, with about 100 yards of effective range and limitations on velocity to ensure safety. In the US a typical velocity is 350 feet per second for Close Quarters Battle, with higher velocities for different airsoft guns and environments. Eye and face protection is a must in this sport. Impact-rated goggles are the only way to guarantee your eyes are safe from stray pellets, as other safety and prescription glasses may not offer the same coverage or could shatter from the force of a pellet fired at close range. Full face masks protect teeth and other easily damaged parts of

the face. Although this safety gear can interfere with scopes, obscure vision due to condensation, or be hot and uncomfortable, they are essential safety measures.

Airsoft clubs and groups often set their own standards for maximum muzzle velocity and engagement distances. Some also require that the airsoft gun's safety be engaged when not actively shooting. Additionally, some demand that airsoft guns not in use on the playing field be covered with a barrel bag and the magazine removed. As for airsoft guns themselves, though they are legal to own in most countries, some have restrictions set on them, for example, differentiating them from real weapons by color.

Airsoft Guns For Sale Today

Find a wide selection of airsoft guns to choose from right here at You can find great airsoft brands like Crosman, Bushmaster and DPMS Panther Arms. No matter what type of airsoft you're looking for it's sure to come up for sale sooner rather than later. While you're here don't forget to stock up on airsoft pellets, face masks and airsoft goggles. Enjoy your time out in the field knowing you have all the right airsoft safety equipment. Find the exact type of airsoft safety equipment your local range requires and be prepared to have a good time without worrying about injuries or getting kicked out for not following the rules. is your source for airsoft guns and gear straight from like-minded airsoft shooters.

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