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How to buy tax sale properties

how to buy tax sale properties

Buy Real Estate for Pennies on the Dollar!

Did you know that you can purchase real estate from the county tax collector for back taxes owed (literally pennies on the dollar), or earn up to 16% - 36% annually on tax lien certificates? Many investors throughout the United States do very well with this, and would prefer to keep it a secret. Real Estate agents won't tell you about tax sales because they earn no commissions on these properties.

Don't waste money on videos, books, or expensive courses to learn how to profit from tax sales and tax lien certificates. In the Members' Area of our site, we provide you with direct access links to tax collectors and county officials in all 50 States who can provide you with: all lists of properties available for purchase for back taxes. lists

of tax liens available for sale over the counter, and information on where and when the next local tax sale is being held.

You do not need a special license to profit from tax sales and tax lien certificates. The sales are open to the general public .

In our Members' Area, we break down the complex world of tax sales into 3 Simple Steps. so you can get started in tax sales quickly and easily. You will get instant access to our Members' Area immediately after paying your one-time membership fee of $19.99 for one year of full access to our Members' Area. There is nothing to wait for in the mail. You can begin researching the world of tax sale properties and tax lien certificates right now!

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