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How to buy your first bra

how to buy your first bra

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Initiate the conversation with your daughter if she has not already brought it up to you. Use the utmost discretion when discussing bras, as this can be embarrassing or uncomfortable for your pre-teen daughter.

Listen to what your daughter has to say. Chances are, she'll be thrilled with the idea of going bra shopping, especially if her friends are already wearing a bra. Get a feel for her preferences and try to accommodate them.

Bring her to a department store or lingerie shop for measurement. It's important to buy her a bra that fits correctly, both to ensure proper support and to protect her body image. Try to shop at a time when it's just the two of you, with minimal distractions.

Buy a sports

bra as well if your daughter is active. Proper support is a must during athletic activity as even teenage breasts can droop, stretch or sag without proper support.

Select bras that are snug and fit well on the loosest clasp. Washing lingerie can cause some stretching and by purchasing a snug fitting bra, you'll be able to potentially increase its useful life. Understand however, that teenagers develop quickly, so even the best fitting bra may only last a few months.

Determine which styles your daughter is most comfortable wearing. Let her try on several different types of bras. She may prefer racerback, underwire, lightly padded or an all cotton bra. Allow her to choose the colors and styles (within reason), but also select a bra in a natural shade for lighter colored tops.

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