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How to Contact TurboTax – Customer Service Phone Number & Support

how to call turbo tax

Posted by Matt T. / January 13, 2013

Stressed out over your taxes? Stuck and need some support from TurboTax? Then we have you covered with all of the fastest ways to get a hold of their customer support team by phone, chat and email this tax season.

The first step in getting help is to go to where TurboTax has answers to common questions on its website to alleviate phone lines during the tax season. If you feel that your question is pretty basic, then it’s quite possible this is your best option for getting your question answered. For some specific questions, you can reach a TurboTax representative or look for an answer at Live Community. Additionally, TurboTax offers Tax Calculators, Tax Guides, and How to Videos which all can be found at their Tax Tools center.

TurboTax offers more help once you install the software. It has a built-in help, chat, and even common questions for each category that are displayed as you move from one section of your return to another.

If you need to speak to a representative at TurboTax, click on one of the six categories where your question belongs in the Support section. Select a question that matches yours at least partially and click on Contact Us on the bottom.

Once again you are prompted to ask your question (typing a key word should suffice) and enter required personal information (name, your contact number, email). You will be given a phone number to call with your questions, case number for personalized experience, and a current wait time.

Some telephone options are available only during certain hours.

TurboTax USA:

  • Shopping and buying: 1-800-624-3025.
  • Download and install: 1-888-777-3103.
  • Getting started: 1-800-506-6709.
  • Preparing your taxes: 1-800-624-3025 or 1-877-288-2646 or 1-888-777-3103.
  • Printing and filing: 1-800-506-6709.
  • After filing support: 1-800-506-6709.
  • Audit support: 1-800-830-5275.
  • Audit defense: 1-877-829-9695.
  • General questions: 1-888-282-0801.

TurboTax Canada:

As of today, chat and call options are disabled at TurboTax Canada. To get answers to your tax questions, the options are:

  • TurboTax Canadian Support – The most common support currently offered, similar to instant answers, search for the most appropriate answer by narrowing your question.
  • Email – response within 1 business day.
  • Instant answers – go over a list of common questions/problems and find the one that corresponds with your situation.
  • Live Community – reach out to other members for answers
  • TurboTax Video support .
  • NETFILE video demonstration at .
  • TurboTax Advantage account .

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