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Report Your Change of Address to IRS

how to change business address with irs

You need to notify the IRS to ensure that you receive any IRS refunds or correspondence. Filing your address change with the IRS can be fairly simple or time consuming depending on whether you moved before filing your taxes or after you filed your taxes. Please follow our step-by-step instructions given below to complete your address change request. Address change must be done only via mail with the IRS.

Things to know

IRS Contact Number:        1-800-829-1040 (Individuals)

                                               1-800-829-4933 (Business)

Office Hours:                        7 AM. to 7 PM Local Time Mon – Fri

Website:                                IRS Address Change

What do

you need to complete your address change?

    1. Form 8822 for Individuals
    2. Form 8822-B for Business
    3. Your Social Security Number
    4. Your Spouse’s Social Security Number (if applicable)
    5. Employer Tax ID for Business

Step-by-Step Instruction

    1. Download the form using the link given above.
    2. Use page #2 to locate the address for mailing the change of address form.
    3. Make a copy and send the form to your designated Internal Revenue Service Center.

If you fail to provide the Internal Revenue Service with your current mailing address, you

may not receive a notice of deficiency or a notice and demand for tax. Despite the failure to receive such notices, penalties and interest will continue to accrue on the tax deficiencies.

Reference: Internal Revenue Service ( )

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