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Federal and State Income Tax Withholding Changes

how to change state tax withholding

I would like to review my tax withholding status. Can I do that on-line?

Yes, you can! Log into Uconnect. select the “Pay” topic, then select “FCPS Tax Withholding”. You can review your federal and state/local tax withholdings. Tax withholding status is also reflected on your pay advice. [Top]

I would like to change my tax withholdings. How can I do that?

If you wish to update your federal income tax withholdings you may do so on-line. Log into Uconnect. select the “Pay” topic, then “FCPS Tax Withholding”. Follow the instructions on the screen to make changes. Your changes will be automatically updated in the payroll system. [Top]

If I update my federal taxes on-line, when will those changes take effect?

Your federal tax updates will be applied with the next in-cycle payroll process. [Top]

What about changing my state income tax withholding?

Once logged into Uconnect, select the “Pay” topic, then “FCPS Tax Withholding”. You can review your state income tax withholding and you can access the appropriate forms if you would like to make a change to your state (and county/city) withholding. Please complete the form and send to: Payroll Management, Ste 2200, Gatehouse Administration Building. You must send the original; faxes or email copies are not acceptable. [Top]

Why can’t I change my state income tax withholding on-line?

Fairfax County Public Schools withholds appropriate taxes for employees who live in West Virginia, DC, and Maryland (state and local taxes) as well as for those who reside in Virginia. Due to the complexity of offering withholding for many jurisdictions, employee self service for state and local updates is not available at this time. Please continue to make changes and send your completed state tax withholding forms to Payroll Management, Ste 2200, Gatehouse Administration Center. [Top]

I’m exempt from federal taxes; can I reflect this status on-line using Uconnect?

No, unfortunately, you cannot. The IRS requests that all W4s indicating “exempt” come to the Payroll office for review. If you are truly exempt from federal taxes, please complete a paper W4 form and send to Payroll at: Payroll Management, Ste 2200, Gatehouse Administration Center. [Top]

I am a military spouse and believe I can claim exempt from state taxes. What do I


Please print and complete a new state withholding form indicating “exempt” and send the form along with a copy of your military dependent ID card to: Payroll Management, Ste 2200, Gatehouse Administration Center. [Top]

Can I figure out how my tax withholding changes will affect my check?

Yes! Use your proposed changes to your withholdings on the paycheck modeling tool available on Uconnect. Select the “Pay” topic, then “Paycheck Modeling”. [Top]

Can I change my tax withholdings as often as I want?

Yes, you can make changes to your tax withholding status as frequently as is necessary. Please be aware that on-line changes to federal withholding are not available during payroll processing. We process 2 to 3 biweekly payrolls and one monthly payroll each month. If you have questions about the availability of on-line federal tax withholding changes, please contact us at [Top]

Can anyone else change my tax withholdings on-line?

As access to Uconnect is by user name and password, nobody else can log in as you and change your tax withholdings. Never share your user name and password. [Top]

What states/ jurisdictions does FCPS withhold taxes for?

FCPS withholds taxes for Virginia. Maryland. West Virginia and the District of Columbia based on the main/resident state you have on file with FCPS. In addition, Maryland county/city taxes are also withheld if that information has been provided on your Maryland tax withholding form. [Top]

What state taxes are withheld if I do not live in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia or the District of Columbia?

If the main/resident state on file with FCPS is other than one of the 4 listed above, Virginia taxes are withheld unless you have claimed exempt from Virginia withholding. To elect a number of exemptions to claim for Virginia withholding (other than the default of zero) or to claim exempt from Virginia withholding you must complete a VA-4 form. Submit to: Payroll Management, Ste 2200, Gatehouse Administration Center. [Top]

How many exemptions should I claim for Federal and/or State tax withholding?

FCPS does not provide tax advice. You are responsible for determining the appropriate number of withholding allowances based on your specific personal circumstances. You may want to consult a tax advisor if necessary to assist you. [Top]

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