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How do I get change a car tax from 'Disabled' class to 'Petrol car'

how to change taxation class

How do I get change a car tax from 'Disabled' class to 'Petrol car'


I bought a car at the weekend, asked allthe right questions abut HPI checks, Insurance write off, etc etc.

So off I toddled with the car, and only yesterday did it occur to me to find out when the tax expires. Yes, I know that should have been one of the questions to ask, but as the tax on my current car was about to expire, I guess in my head it wasn't going to make any difference to me, as I was going to have to pay one or the other. I don't need to be told what a stupid person I've been; I know, and I've had a really crappy weekend, so I really don't need any more grief at the moment.


I realised last night that there is no car tax. And looking on the New Keeper supplement form, the current taxation class is 'Disabled'. so not only do I need to get a tax disc, I also need to get the taxation class changed.

So I've been looking at the DirectGov website this evening

to work out what I need to do to get it taxed.

I don't have the full log book yet, as it's too soon. I only have the 'New Keeper supplement'.

So to get a new tax disc for the car, and change taxation class from disabled to petrol car, it looks like I need to

* fill out a Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C - form V62'

* fill out a vehicle licence application - V10

* supply the current MOT - I have that

* supply the current insurance here's the problem

I've rearranged the insurance so that it is already valid, and the insurance company have posted the form to me, but it's taken 5 days so far, and nothing. They won't email it to me either.

My question is, will the DVLA office (and that's going to be a 60 miles round trip on its one) be able to check my insurance is valid via their own databases?

And while all this is stuck, am I supposed to apply for SORN? I can't even do that online!

This is turning into a nightmare. any advice gratefully received.

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