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How Do I Check My Federal Income Tax Return Status?

how to check on federal tax return

If you have received your W-2′s and are anticipating a Federal income tax refund, it is important to file your taxes as early as possible to receive your refund quickly. In today’s economic crisis, American’s are awaiting tax time to receive funds that have been held by the government for the last year. With paper filing applications and online e-file technologies, filing your taxes has become quicker and easier in the last decade. If you have already processed your income taxes, there are online tools available on the official IRS website that allows you to check your income tax return status with the simple click of a button. If you are asking how to I check my Federal income tax return status and would like to know if your return has been received and processed, follow the tips below and avoid long hold times on the phone.

Start by logging into the official IRS website at Once you have logged on there will be a link to check your tax return status, which is labeled where’s My Refund? This online tool gives refund recipients everything they need to check the status of e-file and paper applications after the necessary waiting period. Paper applications can take up to 6 weeks for processing and electronic applications

can take up to 3 weeks. While these are not the typical wait times for all income tax refunds, information may not show up on the online tool until this period has passed or if there are errors on your application.

If you meet waiting time expectations or you anticipate your income tax refund has been processed, you will be asked to enter you personal tax data to locate your refund. Start by entering your social security number and you filing status for the year you are searching. The tool will then ask for the expected refund amount that was calculated when you were filing. If this is incorrect, the system will advise you of the correct amount if the refund has been processed.

Once you have entered accurate information, the system will advise you of whether the refund has been processed or not. If you have requested direct deposit you will be given a date to expect your deposit. If a check is being sent by mail you will be given the date the mail will leave the IRS offices. If your refund has not been processed and the system does not provide you with your income tax return status, you will be asked to wait one week to contact IRS customer service.

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