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Can I Deduct the Real Estate Taxes on a Second Home?

how to deduct real estate taxes

Real estate taxes on all homes you own are fully deductible.

Real Estate Taxes

On your federal tax returns, assessed real estate or property taxes you pay to state and local government are tax deductible. And not only are the real estate taxes on your primary home deductible but so are the real estate taxes on other homes. Real estate taxes are claimed as itemized deductions on Form 1040, Schedule A for federal tax filings. Additionally, assessed real estate taxes on any other real property such as commercial buildings are also tax deductible.

State Level

California and many other states conform to federal law when it comes to deducting assessed real estate taxes. In California, real estate taxes are deducted on Schedule CA (540), Part II, Line 38, "Federal intemized deductions." Your federal Form 1040,

Schedule A, Line 6, "Real estate taxes," shows the amount of real estate taxes you can deduct in California. Certain California real estate taxes, though, such as Mello-Roos community facilities districts taxes, aren't tax deductible.

Deductible Taxes

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