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How do you apply acrylic to glitter tips?

how to do acrylic tips


Best Answer: Do you want nails that are long, and strong? Do you like white tipped nails? Then acrylic nails are for you.


1.First you should remove all nail polish from your own nails. Make sure they're clean.

2. Use a nail buffer to remove shine from your nails. You want too buff your nails really good so the acrylic will stick to your nail.

3. Push back all your cuticles and you should also use some rubbing alcohol, or even better if you have a dehydrator.

4. Find the right size tip for your nail. glue it on and cut the nail down to the size you want. Make sure the glue doesn't flow onto the skin.

5. You want to make sure there is no oil on your nails. Use a primer with methacrylic acid but it can burn, so be


6. Apply the white acrylic to the tips. Make an even, and defiant the smile line.

7. Apply the pink acrylic. Make sure you use enough to make the nail look even and natural. Use a tapping motion to press the acrylic into the nail, start at the tip and move your way toward the cuticle. Avoid the skin as much as possible.

8. Let the nail cure. Tap the nail with the end of your brush. When the nail makes a clicking sound then the nail is ready for the next step.

9. Use a file to shape the nail, Then use a buffer to buff the top of the nail.

10. Apply a base coat of polish, then apply a top coat of polish. Then Your acrylic nails will be complete

P.S. You can use any color you like except for white.

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