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How To Do Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks For Eid Party

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Girls are looking for Eye Makeup Tips for Eid 2015. Eid Ul Fitr is an upcoming festival and everyone is doing shopping to enjoy this happy day. That’s why there is a great hustle and bustle in all fashion markets of Pakistan. All the Muslims women are purchasing hand bags, accessories, shoes, clothes and eye makeup products. Mostly young girls become crazy about their beauty and they want to look more beautiful on the day of EID. They try to make their faces attractive and glowing and learn different eye makeup tips for EID. As eyes are the most important part of your face and beauty and they attract other people towards yourself.

How To Do Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks For Eid Party

A large number of beauty products such as compacts, face powders, lipsticks, foundations, nail paints, mascaras, eye liners. pencils and shadows are available on different shops. Today women are making themselves stylish and modern by applying liner in various shapes on their eyes.  It has now become a trend to apply liquid or dry eye liner when going outside. If any girl wants to make her

face clean and clear then she should to try to follow some important tips.

Best Eye Makeup Tips With Complete Steps and Tricks

There are many types of eye makeup:


  1. Smoky eye makeup
  2. Light gothic eye makeup
  3. Peacock color eye makeup
  4. Retro eye makeup
  5. Cat eye makeup
  6. Arabic eye makeup
  7. Moonlight eye makeup

All these are types are easy to wear and they make someone’s personality more gorgeous and charming. If you want to wear smoky then take black and grey shades, mix them well and apply on lower side of lid and blend it perfectly. If white and brown colors are also added in the above two shades then it will become second type and a woman can wear them with red, yellow or white dress.

In last I would say that it is not matter what type of eye makeup tips you are using but just try to make it complete and perfect. Remember to apply those things that are very important essentials of this art such as liner, mascara, base coat and powder before shades.

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