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how to do my business taxes

Do My Business Taxes Please! by KiKi Canniff makes it easy for the small business owner to work with their tax accountant.

No matter how good a tax preparer is, if an independent contractor does not provide all of the necessary information, that tax return will be wrong. And, that person will either pay too much tax or fail an IRS tax audit, if selected.

Do My Business Taxes Please! will help to insure that you don't overlook important tax information. It was designed to give tax professionals and their self-employed clients a simple preparation tool.

This small business organizer explains how to document your business activities, as well as self-employment income and expenses. It requires no computer, special math or bookkeeping skills, and includes

all of the forms necessary for tracking a year's worth of income and expenses.

Learn how to grow your business on pre-tax dollars and exactly what the IRS expects of the independent contractor. Written in easy-to-understand terms, this organizer will work for any self-employed individual. And, once it's filled it out, it will contain everything necessary for filing a Schedule C tax return.

Simple forms have been included for tracking income, inventory, and expenses in a manner that will satisfy both the IRS and those tax professionals working to prepare Schedule C tax returns for small business owners. Space has been provided for the entry of information needed for home office deductions, vehicle expenses, end-of-year inventory, mileage documentation, and all of your other important tax data.

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