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How To Do Nail Art Tips

how to do nail tips

How To Do Nail Art Tips: This video will show you how to create nail art tips with either a regular manicure or a french manicure in just a few minutes.

Hi, my name is Reena. I'm from Nail Creations and I'm going to show you how to create nail art designs, nice and simple. This is how I'm going to show you how to do nail art tips.

So I'm going to show you how to apply the french tip to the actual nail. Place the resin where the groove is. Bring it across, try to hold it for a few seconds.

Let it dry. Just going to let that set, and we're going to cut it to the length that we need it. File it down to the shape, just keep it nice and square.

Just brush away any dust. That's our french tip. Now we can do

the nail art to show you something really simple.

Two ways of doing it. You can do it in a french tip or you can do it in a natural nail bed using nail art brush. The brush has to be nice and fine.

You start from the right-hand side, bring it across, all the way across. Then go to the left-hand side, bring it all the way through. Then you can work with the smaller line, just make sure it follows the french manicure line that the clients already got.

That's your two options. Just clean up the areas. Okay, so now then to start off with the nail art, just keeping it really basic we're just going to work with three lines starting from this corner.

One, two, three. Just bring it across. Same thing with the french manicure.

One, two, three, and it's as simple as that.

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