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How to do tax on excel

how to do tax on excel


You continue to provide the best tax software solution on the planet.

Go Glenn.

Outstanding spreadsheet!

Since the days of Lotus 123, I've been doing my own 1040 spreadsheet every year.

Nothing I'd want to publish, but accurate to the penny every time.

But man, your spreadsheet is over the top.

Love your spreadsheet.

Finished Schedule A, B and front of 1040 at nice pace.

I'm using your spreadsheet

as a learning tool for my tax prep class.

It has really sped up the learning process for me and

puts most of the useful forms and worksheets at my finger tips.

I use it to do my homework and tax prep problems.

I've been using your spreadsheet for five years now,

and it's great great great.

I plan to keep using it every year forever,

hoping that your are younger than I am!

Of course, I try to send a bit of money via PayPal too,

out of gratitude for making my life easier and

respect for making such a great spreadsheet.

Outstanding work, thanks much.

Ty G (California)

Your spreadsheet ROCKS!

I've done my taxes with you since 2008 and

can't bel ieve the quality of your product - the speed you make it available, and the ease of use;

not to mention you just give it away. I have renewed hope in the open source economy.

There are no commercial tax preparation packages (at least, that I know of)

I had manually calculated my taxes a few times already this year,

and wasn't looking forward to having to

do them again after finding additional paperwork.

Using your

spreadsheet, I was able to enter

all my information and updates in 15 minutes.

As you suggest on your TaxCalculator site,

I go back there periodically to see if changes have been made.

Also, I told my Saturday continuing education class

at a local university about this workbook.

The class is called Tax Preparation Made Simple and Fun.

Maybe some of them have downloaded it!

Thank you!

Wayne B. (Atlanta)

I started off using TurboTax. But TurboTax took my military retirement pay and made it into an annuity and well. messed up everything from all the past years.  I was frustrated!  So I ended up surfing the web and found this web site.  It was free; it was Excel; and I could try it out and see where I was going wrong with TurboTax.  I had some minor problems with the spreadsheet but when I reported my issues, the responses were quick and always there with an answer.  Once the spreadsheet was completed, I frankly, did not care where I went wrong with TurboTax!  TurboTax never did reply to my telephone calls or my e-mails.

The tax form was finished, printed, mailed in, and I got my return.  I even had a minor discussion with an IRS tax representative and he never even knew that the form was anything other than a regular tax form set to take inputted data (one square at a time). Of course, as we all know that is not the case. all the calculations are in the form!   Thanks!

Gordon T.  (Massachusetts)

I love your spreadsheet! (I've had it with Turbo Tax)  I'll be donating soon.

much easier than in the packaged programs like Turbo Tax.

Vijay A.  (Frucon)

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