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How to do taxes on line

how to do taxes on line

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How to Do Taxes Online

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If you want to e-file, which is filing your taxes online, including your federal income tax and state income tax, you can learn how by following the steps below. In no time, you can file your taxes online and get your tax refund back through direct deposit or by mail.

Gather all your tax documents including your W-2 tax forms, 1099 fax forms and any other tax documents and paperwork that you received.

Find an online tax software website that is easy and free to use in order to do your taxes. A list of easy and free tax software websites has been provided below under the "resources" section.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the online tax software and be sure to answer each question asked that pertains to you on

the tax software. The tax software will guide you through the whole tax process.

After your are finished answering all of the federal and stat income tax questions, you will be required to decide if you want to receive your refund tax check by direct deposit into your bank account or by in the mail by check. Choose which way you want to get your tax refund back. If you select direct deposit, you will be asked to provide your bank account information. If you select by mail, you will need to provide your mailing address.

Once you are done filing your taxes, you will receive an email or letter in the mail that states that the IRS has received your federal and state tax information and sometimes they will give you an estimated timeframe of when you should expect your tax refund check back which is usually between one – three weeks. If you don’t get the information, you can visit the IRS website to find out when your tax return will be sent.

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