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How to Pay Unemployment Taxes Online

how to do taxes with unemployment

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Employers can pay Unemployment Taxes Online using Automated Clearing House (ACH ) debit, and credit card.

The check (by mail) payment option is only authorized for use by employers who have an approved hardship waiver on file with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC ).

A hardship waiver is granted to employers who either:

For additional information about waivers or filing your report or paying your taxes electronically, please contact your nearest tax office.


User ID & Password

Paying unemployment taxes online using Unemployment Tax Services requires registration. During the quick and simple registration process, users create a User ID and password to use each time they access the online system. To

register and to learn about other online services, visit Unemployment Tax Services .

Authority to Pay Unemployment Taxes Online

The account administrator for the employer's unemployment tax account grants the authority to pay unemployment taxes online. If you are the administrator for the employer's unemployment tax account, you already have the authority to pay unemployment taxes.

Banking Information (For Online ACH Debit Payments Only)

If you are paying using the Bank Account (Online ACH Debit) option, you must identify a bank account for your payment. The system will guide you through the process if you have not already identified a bank account. You will need to provide the bank name, bank routing number, bank account number and bank account type.

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