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How To Do Your Taxes Online

Published by J. Hightower on February 1, 2014 | Comments Off

Tax season isn’t a fun time for anyone.

Mainly because it can be so costly. So why pay someone else to do your taxes when you can do them yourself for free?

In today’s technological world all you need is a computer, an internet connection and an hour. In this post I am going to show you how to use the IRS website to find an online provider that can help you do your taxes for free.

Getting started: If you’re reading this you’ve probably already received your W2 or wage information in the mail.

  1. Get your paperwork ready
  2. Visit the IRS website
  3. Go to the eFile page
  4. Choose the type of

    tax payer you are (most will be individuals)

  5. Choose start now to search for a website to help you do your taxes online for free
  6. Choose a website and create an account with them
  7. Walk through the provided process answering each question honestly
  8. File your taxes!

As you can see, filing your taxes online isn’t very hard to do. If you have a simple return to file you should have no problem doing it yourself.

If however you run a business or have a complicated filing you may need to reach out to a professional. Sometimes the money that you pay can save you from making mistakes and/or causing an audit. And no one wants that!

Have fun, pay close attention and happy filing!

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