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How to slash your Council Tax bill

how to dodge council tax

Find out how you cut down your Council Tax bills.


Battle of the bands!

The Council Tax system was established in 1993 when every property was placed into a valuation band. These bands (ranging from A to H, with A being the lowest) were based on valuations made two years earlier.

However, properties in England and Scotland haven't been revalued since then. So that means you may have moved into a different band without realising it, and as a result you could be forking out more for your Council Tax than you should be.

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What are your neighbours paying?

In order to establish whether you should be in a different valuation band, it's worth finding out how much your neighbours pay for their council tax -- you may find that even though they live in a similar or identical house, they're paying a lot less than you.

And don't worry, I'm not asking you to go knocking on your neighbour's door to investigate (not unless you want to of course). All you need to do is go to the Council Tax Valuation List. Just enter your details and hey presto, you'll find all of the information about which council tax band you and your neighbours are in. It's that simple.

Appeal, appeal, appeal

If you do find you're in a higher band than many of your neighbours, it's worth contacting your local valuation office. In some cases you can make what's known as a proposal -- in other words, a formal application to have your band changed. (Note this is for England and Wales only -- taxpayers in Scotland should visit the Scottish Assessors ).

You'll get a decision within four months. Either you will be moved into a different band, with your payments adjusted, or you'll be told why your band cannot be changed.

If you're successful with your claim, the great thing is you'll be entitled to a refund of your overpayments from when you moved into the property. However, if your claim isn't successful, you can still appeal to an independent valuation tribunal. You can find more information on this here. The tribunal is free, but you have to appeal the valuation office's decision within three months of it making that decision.

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Discounts and exemptions

Even if you are in the

correct valuation band, there are other ways to get a discount on your Council Tax. But before you get too excited, there are strict criteria for assessing whether or not you're eligible.

For example, you might get a reduction if you or someone in your household is disabled.

What's more, if you're the only adult living in your home, you'll get 25% off your bill. It's worth bearing in mind that when you're working out how many adults are in your home, certain people won't be counted - such as students, who do not have to pay Council Tax. So if you're living with a student, you will only have to pay Council Tax based on one adult living in the home.

If you have a second or holiday home, you will still need to pay Council Tax for it. But you can get a discount of up to 50%. You'll need to contact your council to find out if you can get a discount, and exactly how much they are willing to offer.

In some cases, you won't have to pay Council Tax at all, whether this is only for a short period, or indefinitely.

For example, if you're selling an empty property on behalf of someone who has died, you won't have to pay Council Tax for six months from the day you get probate. Other homes don't get a Council Tax bill for as long as they are empty. They include homes of someone in prison, those who have moved into a care home or hospital or those that cannot be lived in by law as they are derelict.

If you have been carrying out major home improvements on an empty property or building a new property, then you will also be able to avoid Council Tax for a while. You'll get a 'completion notice' from your council which will tell you the date you must start paying again.

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013. It could reduce your bill by as much as 100%.

You may be eligible if you are on a low income or claim benefits. Each council runs its own scheme, so the details vary by area.

What you get depends on things like your household income and how many children live with you.

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