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How to dye the tips of your dreadlocks

Tips For Coloring Locs (Dreadlocks & Color)

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Tiffany Holder: I started my dreads like a year ago. And at the end of my dreads not big enough. What should I do?п»ї

JussGetsBetter: Thank you!п»ї

vy joseph: I buy. I need exactly this color there for my locks. п»ї

Cuba BuenaVista: nice. п»ї

Fred Robbins: I like to ask you a question I got dreads in the top of my head its always by white can you tell me how to remove that


MuzikReviewTV: I twisted my dreads down do u know what the purpose of me doing that and what will it help my dreads do?п»ї

Sean Breaux: Greatп»ї

Noah Warren: Can you do my hairп»ї

RedBone Monroe: Could you write the steps down it took for you to do this. And when you dry his dreads do you use a dryer or blow dryer п»ї

dayna west: Hey poohп»ї

Jakizney Young: A big

help. Thanksп»ї

Rodney B: Where did you get the die from?п»ї

Dawn Blade: I never dye my hair before. And i want to dye my tip a dark redish color. How many bottles of dye would I need for jet black hair.п»ї

christy watson: Thank u I needed that. п»ї

trakell fleming: I want to start my locs so bad but I had a relaxer before what do I have to do instead of cuting my hair. п»ї

Kia Mcdowell: Wonderful tutoural very helpful!п»ї

J Major: Thank you for your assistanceп»ї

Carleton Coleman: O yea yall from new orleans i hear it in her voiceп»ї

Antwan Harris: i dont have dreads i have braids in singles i want to do this to em what do you thinkп»ї

Hunter Downing: Hi my brothers want me to dye his tips red and some of the whole dreads..Qyestion is, after i finish washing his hair how do i dry them? Will i have to retwist his hair?п»ї

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