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How to Tie-Dye

how to dye tips

By Sherri Osborn. Family Crafts Expert

Are you interested in learning how to tie-dye? I learned how to tie-dye when I was a young girl. I remember mixing up huge pots of dye in my grandma's garage and making a variety of colorful treasures. I enjoyed tie-dying with my kids and hope to get to teach my grandkids how to do it someday.

The information and resources I provide here will teach you how to create your own colorful t-shirts or other articles of clothing.

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You can also make matching sheets, pillowcases, and curtains if you like. It's easy if you follow the simple directions and tips below.

To tie-dye, basically, you gather, fold, and tie your item and then soak it in fabric dye. Of course, there are a few more things involved but these will vary depending on what kind of dye you use and which designs your choose.

  • Tie-Dye Supplies - There are different kinds of dye

    you can use in your tie-dye projects. You can order the dye online, find specialty dye at craft stores, and even grab simple RIT dye at the grocery store. No matter what kind of dye you use, there are a few basic items you will definitely need.

  • Basic Tie-Dye Instructions - For the most part, no matter what kind of dye you choose, some of the basic steps you need to follow will be the same. Learn these and also find some tips and hints.
  • Tie-Dye Designs - Here are some step-by-step tutorials to help get you started on your tie-dyeing adventures. I share several different folding techniques you can use to make different designs.
  • Tie-Dye Photo Gallery - If you are looking for a little more inspiration, browse through this collection of photos of tie-dyed projects. When you make your own tie-dyed projects, make sure you snap a picture and submit it using these simple directions .

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