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How to dye tips of your hair

how to dye tips of your hair

How To Dye Your Hair At Home

To date, the majority of the females dye their hair at home. This procedure does not take very long for those who have short hair. But it is worth a lot of patience to owners of long hair. If you compare the color of the hair in the salon, we can say that the difference is not visible person. Through this procedure at home, you save your time and money. The most important thing to choose the right paint and better to buy it in the pro shop.

If you paint constantly in the same color, not necessarily every month to paint the entire length of hair. Suffice it to tint roots and comb the hair over the entire length.

If you are going to change the hair color at home, first comb hair, then paint lie straighter. On the forehead, ears and neck, apply a layer of cream or petroleum jelly for a person to pigments did not show up on the skin.

There are several conditions for hair coloring at home:

Staining 1. Start with the back of gradually going down. At least pay attention to the front of the face (forehead and temples). First, paint the roots (they need more time to change the color) and only 15-20 minutes, apply the remaining

paint on the entire length of the hair and then comb well.

2. If you choose to refresh only the roots, then after staining for 5-7 minutes before washing off the paint residues, apply it over the entire length, in order to obtain a uniform color and no stains.

3. When the paint is not necessary to wrap cellophane head. It will be sufficient to use a cloth, if possible natural. Then the scalp to breathe, and the paint will soon emerge from the inflow of oxygen. Do not hold paint longer than the specified time and rinse with plenty of water until it is clear.

4. The final color of the hair depends on the structure of hair (thin, rigid), the degree of damage (perms, blow-drying) and the presence of gray hairs. If you have more than 50% gray hair color after dyeing obtained on the half-tone lighter than on the package.

5. It is convenient to use a brush with a comb, rubber household gloves (they do not slip and do not rush) and a bowl that dedicated exclusively to painting.

Summarize. Dye your hair at home is not so hard. The main thing to fulfill a number of conditions listed above, and the result will be successful.

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