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Eye Makeup Tips │Tips for applying eye makeup properly

Eye MakeUp Tips - Tips for Beautiful, Gorgeous Eyes

Eye Make-up

A woman’s eyes possess a special power, we have the power of seduction, or perhaps an enchanting gaze that can catch a guy attention from across any room.

Back in the day, we had to sit and sift through the dozens of colors only available in a powdered form. However, them days are over, and we can now accessorize our eyes with a beautiful array of powders, creams, and glittery dustings.

Powdered eye shadow is very simple to apply, and there are several ways to do so. One can use a small applicator brush, or a foam pad to apply eye shadow. Whenever one is desiring the

dimensional look, you should blend two colors of powder eye shadow, or one color of powder eye shadow on top of a cream base shadow.

When using cream base shadows, one should remember that less, is actually more. The cream shadows, normally come in small squeezable tubes, that enhance the look of the eyes, and apply a light amount to the eye lid, reaching the brow. If you are unsure of which colors to use, perhaps, you should start out with neutral colors, keeping it simple, until you get the hang of it. An attractive look is applying a splash of bronze, or tan, or any shimmery transparent color, will give off a hint of color, and a big impression on the men.

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