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How to file 2004 taxes

how to file 2004 taxes

2004 Tax Filing

how can i find a tax program for 2004 that will easily help me complete my past taxes ?

We Answered:

You will probably have penalties for filing late. You will also need to file state returns for any years you didn't file before.

Best yet, you should check with a tax professional. An CPA will be able to help you the most. If you can afford to spend a little more meet with someone in person.

Marlene Said:

How do I go about filing a 2004 tax return without W2's or 1099?

We Answered: will help you obtain your federal w-2s and 1099s from the IRS in 1-2 business days.

Edna Said:

How would I go about filing a tax return for 2004 for a father that is deceased?

We Answered:

Well you have until April 15, 2008 to file his return from 2004 if you want a refund back. A day later you will forfeit his return. Maybe call the IRS on this issue since they get a copy of W-2's that are sent out. Or contact his employer if you know who that was.

Also use the form 1040X for that year.

Carole Said:

Lived in Oklahoma for only 6 days in 2004. Do I need to file state tax ?

We Answered:

Legally, I am confident that you should have filed taxes on those six days of income. You did make that money in that year in that state. So you owe taxes on it. I don't need to be a tax attorney (and I'm not) to

answer that part of your question. When has the government ever been casual about filing taxes? Yes, you were really required to file.

As to what you should do, that's up to you. I can tell you what I would do.

When I did my taxes this year, I would take a few minutes to read through the part of the tax booklet that talks about part-time residency, and see what the rules seem to be. How much did you really owe, approximately? A lot of money? Or only a little money? I would also do a little bit of research into what the penaltys are in Oklahoma for long-overdue taxes.

It's all about trading off benefit and risk. Until you know what's involved in making things right, and what happens if you don't make things right, then it's hard to say what to do.

My guess is that you only owe a little bit of money, that the likelihood is small that you'll get caught, and if you are caught the penalty will not be super-harsh. No jail time, just paying a LOT more money than you owe. Which still might not add up to a huge amount of money. But I'm just guessing. You're going to do your taxes this year. Take a little extra time to read up on Oklahoma taxes.

And since so very many of the answers on YahooAnswers are just plain wrong, I would take every single answer you get here (including mine) with a huge grain of salt. This is an important thing to know. Get an answer from a more reliable source than "Someone told me on the internet."

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