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How to file a partnership tax return

how to file a partnership tax return

If you are a business running as a partnership, a nominated partner or a tax adviser must file a Partnership Tax Return SA800 showing income or losses generated by the Partnership business and this might include supplementary pages depending on what types of income the partnership business has. Partnership tax return must also show each partner's share of the profits or losses. The partnership tax returns might also include other supplementary pages depending on the types of income the partnership has. Andica SA800 Partnership tax returns software includes all supplementary forms as listed in the features page.

Partnership Tax Return form SA800 asks for details of the partnership's income and related information. While a nominated partner is responsible for filing or authorising the filing of partnership tax returns, all partners are jointly liable for

the accuracy of those tax returns. Where the returns are not submitted to the HM Revenue & Customs HMRC within the specified timescale, all partners are liable for any penalties, surcharges and interest.

Individuals who run as a partnership business will have to file an individual Self Assessment tax return form SA100 and will also have to fill in the partnership supplementary pages SA104 Short or SA104 Full, these are available within our Andica Self Assessment Personal Software (SA100) which can be purchased separately.

Who can use Andica SA800 Partnership tax returns software?

Nominated Partners within a Partnership business

As the partner nominated to complete the Partnership Tax Return for your partnership business you can purchase the software license for a single partnership or for multiple partnerships bands.

Tax advisers (Agents), Accountants, Book-keepers and other Professionals

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