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How to File a Tax Grievance

New Hyde Park residents got tips from Town of North Hempstead's Charles Berman at the Hillside Public Library.

"You have nothing to lose and you're protecting your rights, so go ahead and file," was the message of Receiver of Taxes Charles Berman Tuesday evening at the .

About 20 people signed up for the lecture on the tax grievance process.  The Powerpoint presentation detailed the steps for protesting a property tax assessment. Tax grievance day in the was Tuesday.

Berman noted that there are a number of grievance service companies sending out forms asking homeowners to sign for them to file for you.  He pointed out the importance of not signing for any of these services if you plan to file yourself and not signing with more than one service.  There can only be one tax grievance appeal filed.  He also said these companies routinely file a grievance with an estimated home value one half of what the County Assessment Roll number is.

"You don't want to put a number just slightly below the value the County has estimated for you because then that is the lowest possible number it can be reduced to,"  Berman said.

To file

a tax grievance, Berman said residents should review their tentative assessed property value as well as information used to determine the number by checking, for example, square footage to look for any mistakes.

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From that point, if you feel the value that the County has just assigned to your property is too high, you can file a tax grievance during the filing period either online at, or by paper using forms AR-1 and AR-15. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer and there is no fee to file a grievance.  The filing period for 2012-2013 tax assessment is Jan, 2 through March 1, 2011.

Even if you don't think the number is far off your own estimate, "They can't increase your value, so file," Berman exclaimed.

Your appeal can include information on sales of similar homes or other relevant facts.  Estimate your home's market value and compare it with the adjusted market value determined by the Department of Assessment.

"Comparable home sales can help your case," Berman said.

Then answer the questions on the AR-1.  If your home was purchased in the last two years, you will list your home first.

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