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How to file arizona state tax

how to file arizona state tax

Things You'll Need

Income documentation (e.g. forms W-2, 1099s)

File Electronically

Go online to the Arizona's Department of Revenue website.

Click "E-Services" in the left column. Select "Individual Taxpayers" under "E-Services." Click the names of companies listed below "Individuals" that have agreed to partner with the Arizona Free File Alliance. For example, "Intuit," "TaxSlayer" and "Average1040" partnered with Arizona for tax year 2009.

Review the description of each company to determine if you meet eligibility requirements to file your Arizona taxes for free. Most companies charge a minimal amount to file your state taxes if you do not meet eligibility requirements for free file.

Click the link in the "Ready to Start?" section to go to the tax filing company's website. Click the "Start" or "Register" button on the company's website to register an account.

Answer questions on the screen in each section of the electronic filing process, including questions about your filing status, dependents, income, and deductions and credits. Select the option to file your Arizona state tax return. Click the "Finish" or "File" button to complete and file your Arizona state taxes.

File by Mail

Go to the state of Arizona's Department of Revenue website. Click "Forms" in the left column of the website. Select "Individual" from the list.

Look in the "Name" column for the "Resident Personal Income Tax" form. Select the appropriate tax

year next to either the "non-fillable" form or the "Fill it In - It does the Math" tax package that automatically calculates your taxes based on input information from you.

Type your personal and income information in the fillable boxes of the PDF file if you're using the "It Does the Math" tax package. Click the "Calculate" button near the top of the page one of the form to calculate your taxes, how much you owe and if you should expect a refund from the state.

Click the "Print" button near the top of the form and print two copies--one for your records and one to file with the state of Arizona. Complete the state tax return if you opted for the non-fillable form.

Sign your state tax return form. Attach all required forms and documents, such as Forms W-2, 1099-R or Arizona Form 301 and other applicable schedules, to the back of the state tax return. Enclose a check with your return if you owe the state of Arizona, but do not attach it to the forms.

Place your Arizona tax return documents in an envelope. Mail the envelope to this address if you are expecting a refund from the state:

Arizona Department of Revenue

PO Box 52138

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2138

Mail the envelope to this address if you have enclosed a payment:

Arizona Department of Revenue

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