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How to file dc taxes

how to file dc taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

What form do I file if I was a part-year resident of the District of Columbia?

Use Form D-40; however, you must prorate your standard deduction or itemized deductions and your personal exemptions.

What if I live in DC and work in Maryland or Virginia?

If you lived in the District of Columbia, you are required to file a DC tax return. However, your employer may not be required to withhold DC taxes.

If I claimed itemized deductions on my federal return, must I also itemize on my DC return?

Yes, if you claim itemized deductions on your federal tax return, you must itemize on your DC tax return.

My employer withheld District of Columbia income tax, and I am not a resident of DC. What form do I file to receive a refund?

Use Form D-40B, Non-Resident Request for a Refund or Ruling.

What filing status should I use on my District of Columbia return if I filed as Head of Household on my federal return?

Use the same filing status.

Who should pay estimated taxes?

You must file a Form D-40ES, Declaration of Estimated tax voucher for the taxable year, if you are required to file a DC Individual Income tax return and expect

to owe $100.00 or more after subtracting your tax withheld and any credits. A Declaration of estimated tax booklet (D-40ES) may be obtained by calling (202) 442-6546. If you are filing electronically, you may complete a worksheet of your estimated tax payment at the Electronic Taxpayer Service Center.

How do I amend my DC return after I discover an error?

To file an amended return for the current year, fill in the amended return oval, and complete the tax forms with the corrected information explaining the changes. Do not file an amended return with any other return. If the US Internal Revenue Service adjusts your individual income tax return, you must file an amended DC return within 90 days of receiving notice of the federal change. To amend prior year returns you need to file a copy of your original return along with an amended return using the form for the year being amended. Include an explanation of the changes.

I recently changed my address. What is the procedure for changing my address?

If you move after you file your return, make sure that you notify the post office of your new home address so that they can forward your refund or correspondence from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue. Once we have received a notice of change of address from you or the post office, the Customer Service Center will immediately update our records with the new address.

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