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How to file illinois state taxes

how to file illinois state taxes

Things You'll Need

Bank account number and routing number


Go to the Illinois website (I have included the link to it in the resources section below.

Once you get to the site you will see that there is a big tree in the center of the page. Just below that tree there is a red arrow pointing to a button. Click on that button.

On the next page there is some information you need to read and when you finish reading it there is a button at the bottom that says Start Filing, click on that button.

For security reasons this page tells you not to use your back button, and to only use the buttons on the page. When you are done it says to use the exit button, and do not just close out the page or jump to another website. When you read all that click continue at the bottom.

Pick your filing status. Married filling jointly, married filling seprately, single or head of household, widowed. Click accept.

Enter your social security number then click accept.

This next page asks for the Personal Identification Number (PIN) I already have one so it asks me to enter it. If you have never received one it will more than likely take you through the steps of getting one. Remember that number because if you plan to do it again in the future you will need it.

Enter your PIN and click accept

Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. The following steps is where you are going enter in all the numbers from your w-2's and answer a lot of questions. When you are done it will asks you if you would like to print. Click YES. Always keep a copy of what ever you send the government whether it be state or federal. They loose a lot of stuff. It is a pain if you have to end up re doing everything all over again.

You will not have to mail anything to them this site allows you to do it electronically.

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