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How to file indiana state taxes

how to file indiana state taxes

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Collect all the necessary tax documentation to be filed. Locate all your paperwork and keep it in one place. This helps save time and makes the filing process go smoothly.

Determine which method you want to use to file your Indiana state taxes. There are several ways a tax payer can file. You can download the tax forms and instructions from the Indiana Department of Revenue's website, or you can choose to use a software program. If you use a software program, select one that has both state and federal tax forms. Some software programs don't have the state-filing feature. In addition, you can hire a certified public accountant (CPA) to prepare and file your Indiana taxes for you.

File your federal taxes before you file your Indiana taxes. Indiana tax forms ask for information from your federal returns.

Complete your Indiana state taxes prior to the April 15 deadline. File your taxes by mail to an address provided or online at the Indiana Department of Revenue website. Seek a filing extension if you don't think you can make the deadline. Call or visit the website for the Indiana Department of Revenue to request an extension.

Pay the amount owed in state taxes by the April 15 deadline. You must pay your taxes whether or not you request a state tax extension. You can be granted an extension to file your Indiana state taxes, but that is not an extension to pay the amount owed in taxes. Not paying your Indiana taxes on time can result in interest charges and penalties.

Choose to pay your tax debt or receive your refund by check or direct deposit into, or withdrawal from, your bank.

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