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Iowa State Taxes

how to file iowa state taxes

If you qualify for a tax refund or need to pay income tax online, then take advantage of our e-filing tax services in the state of Iowa. Efile your return via the Internet to submit your tax return directly to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the state Department of Revenue. Our tax preparation software and tax filing packages rival those of our competitors by giving you the most for your money. We offer an affordable low price with no hidden fees on all tax returns in the state of Iowa. Efile your returns to ensure that your documentation is submitted on time, and when you file with us, we guarantee that your submission will be accurate. It's that simple. Inquire with us today about our federal and state tax services in IA!

Iowa Standard Deductions

Residents who efile Iowa state taxes qualify for one of several standard deductions. A single person may deduct $1,900 when choosing to efile Iowa

state taxes. A married couple filing jointly may deduct $4,670 when filing their state income taxes in Iowa. Efile your return to make this quick and painless, especially for a married couple filing separately on the same return. They can deduct up $1,900 each. The same deduction applies for a married couple filing separately on a different return in the state of Iowa. Electronic filing can also prove beneficial for a head of household, who can deduct $4,670 on their state return. Lastly, a qualifying widow(er) can deduct $4,670 when filing their Iowa taxes online. If this all seems complicated, don't worry: Filing with makes it simple!

What if I've Already Filed with

If you have discovered that you owe money to the state of Iowa after filing your tax return, then click here to pay your amount due to the state of Iowa. E-file your return to ensure that your documentation will make it on time.

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