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State of Kansas Income Tax Extensions 2014 – 2015 

State of Kansas Income Tax Extensions 2015

Suppose you have filed your 2014 tax return based on the calendar year you have to finish this year tax return and tax payment before April 15, 2015. Generally most of the tax payers use calendar year to field the return but if you use fiscal year provision you have to count the fourth month of the fiscal year for the tax return, plus if there is holiday either federal or state on the last date then you have to count the next business day as end date.

Individual Income Tax Extensions Information:

There are many instances that we can’t touch the deadlines due to adverse financial circumstances where you will have granted some extension of time for tax return filling if you are going to requesting the state authority. One thing you need to keep in your mind that when you are going to requesting the extension that doesn’t mean that you are going to prolonged payment period but only you can extend the duration of your tax return filling and you have to pay some lump-sum amount to the state of Kansas authority as the tax payment so when you will file the final tax return the due amount will be returned as refund if any otherwise the remaining amount you need to pay at that time. If you are missing the tax payment before April 15, 2014 then you will be liable to pay interests on your tax amount and other stated penalties to the state of Kansas authority.

Knowledge about the Forms for State of Kansas Tax Extension

When you got fail to meet the deadline of the tax filling don’t worry you can use our calculator to make extension request. In case you have filled 4868 form of federal tax authority which is for automatic extension for the tax return filling you can attach a copy of that form with K=40 form to obtain automatic extension for the state tax return filling too this is because state of Kansas tax authority doesn’t issue any separate extension application form at all. In another scenario if you are liable to obtain tax refund then no need to apply for extension at all.

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How Will You Fill the Tax Extension Using Our Calculator?

Our extension calculator will demand your few valuable minutes to obtain at least five or six month relief for the tax return filling and you can file your tax return before Sept-15, 2015 so simply follow some steps to postpone your tension.

Generally our calculator need some data related to your individual income or business if you are going to file business tax extension and those data are simple like your name or business name, address, SSN or Tax-ID and copy of the last year tax returns. If you think if we can misuse this sensitive information that is false because we are authorized vendor so we are well aware about the laws and more of that we have good ethics and high moral standards as a reputed professional agency.

It is mandatory to pay the tax balance due when you go to requesting extension with our calculator so you can refer Kansas payment voucher called K-40V and then put a check mark at the box K40V extension payment field and you can use estimated amount or the roughly can pay the amount based on last year payment or can multiply the profit for this year with last year payment in case of business tax extension.

If any due amount remains you have to pay interest on that only at the time of extended tax return filling thus you can lower your risk considerably. Once you are entitled with extension from the state of Kansas tax authority we will send you an e-mail to inform you promptly. In case of rejection we will guide you to correct the mistakes and allow you to file again without any additional charges.

Generally rejections are happens due to wrong information but not with the usage of our calculator because we don’t let you go ahead if you miss to fill any field so if you have true and right essential documents and you give correct information there are no chances left to get any rejection. If you have any query, you can contact us to solve with our tax experts.

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